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Massive Business Growth Formula

The Massive Business Growth Formula

Has Your Business Growth Stopped?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I work with you’re business growth has all but stopped.

You’ve reached the point where you can’t work any harder or longer than you are right now.

You’ve hit a wall and just don’t know how to get your business growth to continue.

You may even struggle with taking time off.  You don’t feel like you can get away from your business for any length of time. Let’s face it no one else knows everything you do. Maybe you’re afraid things won’t get done right if you’re not there.

Are you working longer and harder for less than you used to make working for someone else?

You spend most of your time putting out fires. You are dealing with clients or other problems that seem to come up, over and over, every day.

Some days you just feel like you meet yourself coming and going. Day after day doing the same things over and over but never seeming to get anywhere.

Retirement doesn’t even seem like an option. And, even though you’re doing alright you don’t think you could sell your business.

So, you feel stuck.

In other words the very business you thought was going to give you all sorts of freedom and a lifestyle you could enjoy has now become your trap. The business that was supposed to allow you to spend more time with your family now gets all your time and attention.

It’s not a terrible life it’s just not as good as you know it can be.

Deep down inside you know there is more. At your core you know it doesn’t have to be a struggle every day. You’re confident you have what it takes to make your business into the dream you’ve always thought it could be. You know it should take 70 and 80 hour weeks to keep things going.

The great news is your business can enjoy massive growth regardless of the economy without you having to spend every waking moment running things.

Business Growth Comes From Three Areas Of Your Business

Businesses that thrive in any economy, that allow the owner to take time off while the business continues to grow, that don’t compete on price, that dominate their marketplace, all have the same things in common.

Every one of them has systems and processes in place that allow them to systematically:

  1. Get more clients
  2. Get more revenue per transaction
  3. Get more repeat orders

These three metrics are the only way to grow a business, any business.

The problem is that most businesses spend just about all of their marketing efforts on getting new clients. While that’s important it costs anywhere from 4 to 28 times more money to get a new client as it does to get an existing client to buy from you again.

In addition to that, it doesn’t cost you anything to get your clients to spend more per transaction.

The exciting part is when you work on each of the three areas simultaneously you get exponential growth! Or, as I like to call it massive business growth.

I know you’re probably thinking, “How am I going to work on all three when I struggle just trying to get new clients?”

Don’t worry these strategies and tactics are not hard to implement. As a matter of fact once you have the systems in place they run themselves and that frees up time for you to focus on other things.

As a business broker, I was able to take an in-depth look at over 700 businesses. It didn’t take long to figure out which businesses would sell and which ones wouldn’t. It also didn’t take long to figure out which ones would sell at a premium.

You may not be looking to ever sell your business but when you build it so that it is easy to sell you will have an asset that runs like clockwork providing for you and your family even if you’re not there.

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