Mike McMahon, Business Growth Coach

Mike McMahon, Business Growth Coach

Mike McMahon has personally closed more than 12,000 sales. And, after mastering sales, teaching sales and using every closing trick in the book, he’s taken high-performance selling to a new level in perfect pitch for the unique challenges of selling in the digital age.

Mike loves working with solopreneurs ready to break into 7 figures. His holistic approach to coaching and consulting identifies the unique opportunities a particular business has that position them for rapid growth.

Mike is an expert at helping businesses enjoy massive revenue growth, controlling cost and implementing systems to ensure the long term-viability and saleability of the business.

In his forthcoming new book “Healthy Selling” Mike blasts what was once his bread and butter as “Battlefield Selling” a brutal high-stress (for both salesperson and customer) and primitive system, and prescribes a new, fun, and civilized way forward that gets big results!

Business growth coach, insightful author, and high-content speaker, Mike McMahon has a stellar track record of experience as a sales executive and business growth coach responsible for turning around or starting companies that have achieved over $500 million in sales.

He is the creator of the Healthy Selling System, the cure for what everyone hates about sales.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf CEO, NeuroGym | Built 5 Multi-Million Dollar Companies | Philanthropist | NY Times Best Selling Author


“Mike understands sales and human nature as well as anyone out there.
He is a great asset to everyone who he comes into contact with and I highly recommend him especially if you need any sales management/training or consulting.”





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