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What is Healthy Selling?

Has anyone ever told you selling is evil?

What is healthy selling?  Like the name implies, Healthy Selling is a healthy way to sell. Too many salespeople are taught that sales is a numbers game. For years I’ve had salespeople come to me from other organizations and they are just burnt out and stressed. Many times their health is questionable or at least not as good as it might be.

All of these are symptoms of an unhealthy selling sales process full of pressure, stress, and manipulation. They take a toll on the sales person and the customer or the prospect. There is a better way.

A Healthy Selling System helps salespeople and business owners sell their goods or services without pressure, stress or even the need to close. You might be asking , “how can you possibly sell without needing to close?” And that would be a good question.

You see, it was questions like that they got me started down the path of creating a Healthy Selling System. I decided to work backwards and I asked myself, “what would I need to do differently to sell without having the need to close by applying pressure or stress?” Believe it or not the answer was simple, stop selling.

Now I am not the first salesperson ever come up with the idea to stop selling. And what I discovered when I did my research of other people that claimed to stop selling was that it was just another tactic to manipulate the situation to get the sale. I realized you genuinely have to stop selling.

In order to do that you have to make a couple of decisions. First off, it starts with a decision to put your clients or prospects needs first in all situations. That means if your competitor has a better solution for what their particular need is you need to recommend your competitor. Secondly, you have to actually care about the needs of your prospect or customer. That means you learn to ask questions to truly understand their situation so that you can make a proper determination on whether or not you are able to even help them.

When you put their needs first and then you learn how to make a proper presentation, then and only then will you learn how to make sales without objections, rejection, or the need to close.

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I love how Joe Polish addresses the question, is selling evil.  Watch this short video.

In my next post I share how to properly close a sale.

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