Fear of Rejection

Do You Struggle With Fear Of Failure or Rejection (Part 2)

In my last post I wrote about prospecting and how the fear of failure and rejection keep a lot of sales people from prospecting as much as they need to.

Let’s pick up where I left off and talk about fear of rejection. If you’ve been around sales any time at all someone has told your or taught you that “sales is a numbers game” and that “you need a thick skin to be in sales”. Well that is especially true if you’re doing it wrong.

We dealt with the fear of failure by realizing what the real reason for prospecting is and by changing our objective. If you missed it you can check it out here: https://healthysellingsystem.com/do-you-struggle-with-fear-of-failure-or-rejection/

Learn how to overcome fear of rejection.

We will handle the fear of rejection much the same way. When we have the proper objective and we aren’t attempting to sell anything while we are prospecting we won’t be creating resistance and we can actually take “No.” for an answer. Since we are looking for people with an interest and a need as well as the budget to pay for the solution when they don’t meet that criteria we are successful in qualifying them out. Move on.

That means we aren’t going to try to convince them to let us have an appointment. We aren’t going to desire to change their mind. We are simply going to say thanks and move on. We can always call them back in a couple of weeks if they meet our ideal client profile. Since we didn’t create any ill will by being pushy or attempting to get them to change their mind they will take our call.

The key is with each call to approach them with a different set of benefits to avoid them from always hearing the same thing every time. After a few calls you will get a very good idea of what they are interested in. One of the times you call them will be the right time and they will want to go to the next step. (This is a good point for me to tell you that the next step is only something you should do if they tell you they are ready to invest in a solution. Otherwise you will get really good at presenting and then getting the “stall”)

Prospecting is the life blood of sales so if your sales are not consistently improving or if you have good months then bad months it’s almost always due to prospecting. Take the time to really learn prospecting and you will be on your way to doubling your sales.

If you struggle with sales or prospecting drop me a note, mike@healthysellingsystem.com and/or leave a comment below and let me know what your biggest challenge. Also if this struck a cord share this post with your friends. Chances are it will help them as well.

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