Always Be Closing

ABC (Always Be Closing) is Dead

Are you having difficulty making a sale?

Traditional sales training tells every trainee to Always Be Closing, it’s part of the ABC’s of selling. The problem with that is that in this day and age no one wants to be sold anything. The good news is they still love to buy and it’s important you understand they desire to buy for their reasons, not yours.

It’s simple avoid old-school, hard-core closing, it’s inappropriate and all it will do is cost you sales instead of help you sell. If your a sales veteran you may very well be saying to yourself, “it works for me,” or “I still get sales.” I know you still get sales but are you getting all the sales?

If you’ve been selling for a few years think over the last year and compare it to previous years. How are your sales? Are they easier then ever? Or, do you find that you have to work harder to make the same number of sales you used to make?

If you’re like most of the salespeople and business owners I talk to it’s the latter, more difficult to make sales. The biggest reason sales are more difficult to make is because most salespeople and business owners haven’t changed the way they sell.

Are you willing to test your sales process and see if it’s possible to grow your sales?  Imagine the sales process becoming easier and easier.

More has changed in the last 10 years than in the previous 50 to 100 years combined when it comes to how your prospects and clients are educated in the marketplace. The old days of a salesperson actually knowing their product better than a prospect are done and over. These days it only takes a few clicks of a mouse for someone to find out just about everything they need to know about you, and whatever it is you are selling, whether it be goods or services.

Buyers are not interested in being sold something they don’t want, can’t afford and won’t use. And why should they be? What they want is to be treated with respect and they want to be understood. It’s only then when they feel understood that they are ready to move forward, and then they only buy if they have a problem they desire your help to solve.

So next time you’re trying to make a sale, STOP. Focus your time finding out the prospects real needs, focus on understanding their perspective, and determine whether or not you can help them before you even think about making a sale, let alone always be closing.

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