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The Secret to a great presentation

What Makes A Great Sales Presentation?

How many times have you been called and the person on the other end of the phone can’t even say your name right and they don’t even so much as ask a qualifying question? Worse yet they just plow into their presentation as if you have to listen. To make matters worse it’s obvious their reading and not all that well either.

Is that your idea of a good presentation?

How about the last time you walked onto a car lot? Did you get swarmed like fresh meat? Then did the salesperson you were with proceed to do their best to get you to test drive something, anything, and then they want you to just see what the numbers work out to be. It’s almost as if they are trained to ignore anything you say as long as they can get you to the table so you can be closed.

Or maybe you’ve had the pleasure of going on one of those timeshare presentations. You know the ones where they bribe you to spend 90 minutes to listen to a presentation that’s supposed to make you fall in love with their offer especially when they grind you at the end and they make you an offer that’s only good today. And the session went past 90 minutes an hour ago.

Does anyone really think these are good presentations?

I sure don’t think so. With a blog called “Healthy Selling” you shouldn’t be surprised to hear me tell you that not everyone is someone you should be selling.

The key to a good presentation is making it to someone that can genuinely benefit from what you have to offer.

The next and most important part of a good presentation is taking the time to find out what your prospect wants and needs really are. Then and only then are you ready to give a presentation based on your proposed solution.

We’ve all heard about the radio station W.I.I.F.M., better known as, “What’s In It For Me”. Well that’s what a good presentation is all about… What’s in it for them.

Many salespeople only get part of this right and what I mean by that is they don’t go deep enough with the qualifying. For instance since I can help someone double their sales I might ask them what it would mean to their business if they were to double their sales. Then when they answer me I will ask them to tell me why the answer they just gave is important. The answer to the last question is the one that unlocks their hot button for me.

Think about what I just said. It is the key to their hot button. This is the way to find out what truly motivates your prospect or clients. Most sales people negotiate on price because they get just enough sales to think that’s the right way to do it. The truth is, if you qualify your prospect properly. Uncover real needs that they agree they’re committed to solving. And your prospect can invest what it takes to solve those problems all you have to do is help them see the cost of staying in their current situation versus the benefit of what you have to offer.

If you don’t quantify their current situation and instead jump into a presentation because you think you know what they need you will be making a poor presentation.

On the other hand if you find out what your prospect is motivated by and you can help them then a presentation built around solving their problems or helping them get what they want is a good presentation. No, make that a great presentation!