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Successful goal setting virtually guarantees success

Do Goals Really Matter?

January 2014 is now behind us and most people that set New Year’s resolutions have already given up on them.

So many people fail at their New Year’s resolution that they are kind of a joke. Did you set one? Have you failed already?

The fact is it’s not the resolution that’s the problem. It’s the mindset behind it. If you approach your resolution hoping to do better then it’s pretty much a guarantee you’re going to fail. On the other hand if you are committed to making it happen and you have genuinely decided that you are going to stick to your commitment no matter what you are much more likely to succeed.

If you take it a step further and you write down your goal and you commit to a plan of action, studies show, you are more than 80% likely to reach your goal.

People that write down their goals, have a clear action plan as well as a clear understanding, and powerful reason, for why they have set their goal and they review their goal every day are 97% more likely to reach their goal.

If you knew you could be 97% more likely to achieve something why wouldn’t you take the extra steps I just mentioned to help ensure your success?

The fact is even with all the studies showing that goal setting works less than 20% actually set goals and of those that do only a small percentage so so in a way that virtually guarantees their success.

So do goals really matter. Absolutely! Even if you’re doing it wrong you will still benefit from having a plan. If you do it right you will find it almost impossible to fail. In reality even if you don’t hit what you were actually shooting for many times as you get closer to achieving your goal you will find a better opportunity or slightly different goal to set your sights on.

The key is to be deliberate about your intentions so that your whole mind can help you get where you want to be. As the old saying goes; “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Ask yourself the following questions to see how committed you are to your own success in 2014:

  • What are you goals for 2014?
  • Are they written down?
  • Do they have a deadline?
  • Have you put together an action plan to get you there?
  • Do you review your goals every day?
  • Are you prepared to make adjustments along the way so you reach your goal?

The choice is yours. Do you want to put in motion a process that virtually guarantees your success or do you just want to be at the mercy of your circumstances?

Share you goals in the comment below to let the whole world know you will make this your best year ever.