Stop Selling & Make More Sales

I was talking with a good friend of mine last night and we had a good laugh at how new salespeople do when they first start compared to a month or so down the line. What we were laughing about is that with very little information they are able to go out and start making sales but in no time at all they learn a lot more about their industry and their own product and their sales drop like a rock and they don’t understand why.

What they don’t realize, because it happens gradually, is that as they get asked questions they don’t know the answer too they learn the answer and then since one person asked everyone must want to know so they add it to their presentation. When they started they didn’t know enough to talk much so they had to ask questions. They could only talk about what they were taught so they naturally talked less and listened more. Now that they have learned so much in the last month they are doing all the talking and they are no longer making as many sales.

How does this apply to your situation? If you’re struggling with signing up new clients take a long hard look at your process. Who’s doing all the talking? How many questions are you asking? Are you assuming you know their needs as soon as they mention a problem other clients have had? If you do make that assumption do you jump into presentation mode?

Simple solution: Go back to the basics and properly qualify. Don’t tackle surface issues. Instead ask questions about the issues they bring up so you really know what the underlying cause of the problem is and what it’s costing them to continue like this. Then, if you are going to start presenting keep what you have to say limited to the problems you uncovered. When you do that you will find you’re signing up clients again and it’s because you didn’t confuse them with a bunch of information they didn’t need and since you were laser focused on their needs they will know you care about them and that you can help them.

So, Stop Selling And Make More Sales. 😉

If you have questions about this or you want to share how you’ve experienced this very same thing leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.


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