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Day 2 of the book launch

It’s day 2 of the book launch. Our book has jumped up to #16 on the Amazon bestsellers list in the Entrepreneur category which when you consider it isn’t a get rich quick book or another book about how to make money its really good.

Our book is a collection of stories from all walks of life. It’s a collection of great success over failure and its very inspirational. Everyone agrees that it’s a quick read and seems to just draw you from one story to the next. From the first story that takes you to the dumps of India with a vision for change to the last story that covers your belief system and how you can learn to harness that incredible power and all the amazing stories in between it’s a great read.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to and check out; So, What Do You Do

So, What Do You Do? Cover

It’s official – My new book is finally out!

Here’s what I’ve been dying to tell you…

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