Selling in the Zone

Selling In The Zone

Do you take a break after you make a sale?

For a long time in my sales career I used to take a break after a sale until one day another salesperson pointed out that they jump right back in and usually make a sale on the next call. They were convinced that they were “in the zone” and that is was the best time to call a prospect.

So, I followed their advice and I did find that most of the time I’d  make a sale if I prospected right after closing a sale. In the short run I would recommend you do the same thing. In the long run I would take a look at what’s different and learn how to bring that to every sales conversation.

That’s what a Healthy Selling System is all about. It’s not some gimmick or method, it’s a way of being genuine and putting the prospect and clients needs first so they know you are there to help. You can be “in the zone” all the time and close more sales than you even think is possible when you stop selling.

How do you get the sale if you “stop selling”?

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